The Word Remains

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After countless attempts throughout history of people trying to destroy the Word of God– it remains– and remains to stay throughout eternity!

Amen for the Word in our lives today!

God Bless


The Lord wants us to grab hold of Him and don’t let go!  He wants us to P.U.S.H. — Pray Until Something Happens.  JESUS will sometimes give answers to the prayers and concerns that we ask of Him, and oftentimes we shove the answer aside and think we have it under control.  I’m a witness!  The Lord gave me an answer and I procrastinated until I was made to finally say “yes Lord!”  Yes to Your will and yes to Your way, JESUS.

If the Lord has given you a charge, command, or task to do, you must do it In JESUS Name!

You may not fully understand the situation.  However, the bible declares that JESUS will never leave us nor forsake us.  We must trust Him and know that He has our best interest at Heart, and He is in full control.  JESUS loves us and He cares!  We must be obedient and strive to do the right thing.  Don’t compromise this Great Gospel.  Don’t compromise your salvation!  He will Bless; once you take heed!

JESUS Is The Answer!

Be blessed In JESUS Name,

~Word of Inspiration by Minister Tenia Reed

Reference Scriptures:

Psalm 50:55

Proverbs 18:24

Jeremiah 29:13-13, 30:18-19

Romans 12:1


Teach One Reach One

Fellowship with the saints of God has many blessings attached to it, aside from its most inherent purpose, which is for the Body of Christ to be amongst one another for accountability, strength and encouragement; walking on one accord in the movement of the spirit, by the Spirit.

One extra blessing in this, from my standpoint, is the learning and sharing with one another our life’s endeavors and interest.

I had the opportunity to sit with our own Sister Arnita for a brief interview.  We discussed her dreams of establishing her own child development organization.  Currently she is a Pre-School Substitute Teacher.

DV:  Do you have any aspirations of becoming a full fledged teacher?

SA:  Yes.

DV:  Where do you see yourself working?

SA:  My own child development center.

DV:  Any ideas of what you will call this place?

SA:  Dragon Flies Child Development Center.

DV:  Currently, what are some of the high and low points of your position now?

SA:  Much Latitude– high point.  Hiring staff not decisive enough– low point.

DV:  In what ways do you lean on the Lord to help you through difficult times and issues?

SA:  Prayer is first.

DV:  Working with children in their early years is most pivotal.  How do you feel about being involved with them during this time?

SA:  Validated.

DV:  Is there any one person who has left a lasting impression on you?

SA:  My Dad.

DV:  Is there anything you’d like to say to our viewers who have a desire to reach higher heights in their hopes and dreams?

SA:  Pray for guidance.

It is with great hope and excitement for me to see Sister Arnita’s vision come to fruition.

” Teach One Reach One.”

~Sister Arnita

Praise the Lord– Jesus Christ!!

Grace and Peace,


Praising Our Way Through!

Today’s service was pretty awesome.  An exciting way to start the month of March– feeling the power of The Holy Ghost move amongst the people is so spiritually invigorating!  There’s nothing like praising God and hearing the Word go forth with power and what we call the “unction.”

Truly The Lord moved in the songs, testimonies and the preached word which came out of Psalm 27:1-4.  The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?   Even in the moment when it appears that you are under siege, by your foes, your enemies, all them haters– God shall shine forth and save.  Shine and save when people want to take what belongs to you, slander your name, oppress, down-trod, lie on you and every other thing that comes in your path to tear you down; God, even the Lord Jesus Christ, shall lift up a standard against the enemy.  They will fall and stumble every time for we are a people seeking out the Lord for this very thing, to dwell in the house of The Lord all the days of our lives!  And in this we are confident.

Thanks for taking the time to read our post.  Stay tuned in, follow us, as God continues to bless!

Grace and Peace,